I know Mag1k - Error 500

Hey my dudes. I have an issue with I know Mag1k.
Basically I was running Padbuster and I started to get an Error 500 so it couldn’t complete.

But now even with the VM stopped/restarted and fresh cookies put into the script it’s stuck on the 500.

Is this expected behaviour for this challenge?

I don’t want to post spoilers if I can avoid it

Do you mean the script itself was giving an error? Because the way the attack works is that it’s supposed to receive 500 very often. You can PM me :slight_smile:

It’s all solved now. There was a network issue with my Kali install. Cheers

This happened to me too, I just let it work itself out and it went back to decoding after a few fails.

Tips to fix-

Try Reloading the Page.
Clear Your Browser Cache.
Check Your Server Logs.
Check for Errors in Establishing a Database Connection.
Check Your Plugins and Themes.
Reinstall WordPress Core.
Check for Permissions Error.
Increase PHP Memory Limit.

Rachel Gomez