HTB Forum Hint Scraper


For a while i’ve been thinking about writing something that could bundle all the community provided hints on the forum in one consolidated output.

The following script is a starting point for that, and provides quite a lot of user/root hints for machines via the related (active) forum thread you feed it.

It works as follows. I’ve noticed a trend when people post hints in the forums, they usually prepend their hint with “user:” or “root:”. This script simply checks every page in the thread for these strings, and prints the comment to the screen.

It works with Python2 and Python3.


Usage: python [URL]
Example: python
  -h/--help: Print this help.

For more information, please check the README on github.
Feel free to use, improve or whatever. :smile: I hope it helps !


user@hostname:~/Documents# python
1. After finding the 1st user and the interesting files, finding the source is not that trivial, to me it was trial and error." />
2. Don't worry about poppin' shellz, that's not happening until root. Read everything carefully. If you think a room is too dark to go in, keep going! (But careful reading might get you your flashlight). The last step to user requires some skills that hide in the author's name.

1. It will be in front of you, read it and read it. Jump to the high port and explore, it will give you what you need to finish the box.
2. The file you find is obviously interesting, but where are Are Dis Stuff?? Once you got access to the service, you unlock some cool functionality. Don't stray too far - and don't forget what you've seen. Combine this with what you had before and profit!
3. try different decompilers!
4. over complicated the entire process thinking that i was looking for a hidden file that i couldn't find, i was convinced that i didn't know how to enumerate smb. Finally decided to throw my notes away and approach it like any other box . user and root came within an hour of each other.

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