Htb cpts

Hey everyone,

We’re happy to announce that today, we are launching a BRAND NEW CERTIFICATION :scream:

Called “HTB Certified Penetration Testing Specialist”(CPTS for short) it’s a highly hands-on technical certification, to teach, assess, and prove your skills in the following key domains:

-Penetration Testing Methodologies

-Information Gathering & Recon Techniques

-Attacking Windows & Linux Targets

-Web App & AD Penetration testing

-Manual & Automated Exploitation

-Pivoting & Lateral Movement

-Post Exploitation Enumeration

-Windows & Linux Privilege Escalation

-Vulnerability/Risk Communication and reporting


-Signup for HTB Academy

-Complete the Penetration Tester Job Role Path

-Start the Exam, and complete it within the 10 days allotted

-Provide your report

-Boom, you’re a CPTS :sunglasses:

And lastly, to celebrate today’s launch, we will be giving away a CPTS voucher to one lucky winner, join our discord and visit the announcements channel to join

Learn more today @ Certificates

Got questions? Wanna talk to us & Others about the cert? Come join our discord @ HackTheBox

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