HTB Academy parrotOS installation in VMware Fusion for Mac

Hi there, I ‘m following along in the [Introduction to Information Security Foundations’ in HTB Academy. I’m at the setup section where it speaks on installing ParrotOS in VMware. I do not have a windows machine, however I do have a Mac running VMware Fusion and was able to successfully install Windows in the VM. I’m now trying to install ParrotOS but when I create the Linux VM with debian 10.x and try to start it up. Once I load the machine, It takes me to the boot manager and when I choose to boot normally,

EFI VMWare Virtual NVME Namespace (NSID 1) unsuccessful
EFI VMWare Virtual  SATA CDROM Drive (1.0).....unsuccessful
EFI Netwok....

can someone help me on what I’m doing wrong?