HTB Academy login brute forcing, timeout

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No matter how many different things / different targets I tried, my target host seems to be down. When I try attacking the ssh, I get this hydra response: “Timeout connecting to [IP]”. I tried resseting the target multiple times but still no luck.

an nmap -Pn scan gives that the ssh port is “filtered”

I will be thankful if you help me. I’ve been stuck on this for some time and I can’t find out whether the problem is in my commands.

DM me the hydra line you are trying. I think I might have had the same issue.

Hey, I’m having the same problem with the SSH timing out.

Did you manage to solve this?

Same thing is happening to me. It seemed fine until I tried to SSH in, and since then everything times out. I cant even ping the host.

Hey, it doesn’t work because you are specifying the port in the hydra command (ssh//:IP:22). Instead of 22, use the port shown when you spawn the machine. Usually, you would use 22 but most likely HTB is using this machine for multiple users, hence it starts up a new ssh service on a random port when you spawn the machine.