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Good to hear that you found it.

My problem was that I selected the domain node that gave a count of Azure users. It said there were 12. But when you select the database info button in the top left and scroll down a bit, also information on Azure nodes is given. Here it said there were 13 nodes. That is where my problem was

ok cool, that is what I did, I did the shortest paths found that # of users and did the math. I am assuming you did the same? Thanks for the tips!

Yes I did it in the same way. I just got stuck finding the right number for the Azure user nodes.

No problem, happy to help.

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Thanks for the hint

Please help me with this… I found that there are 15 users in the local domain and 13 in AAD. I’m terribly tired of this task… and that’s it at the very end. write me in a private message please

For this one, make sure you’re filtering out the noise and honing in on the right data. Also, check if there are any unexpected twists in the dataset that might be throwing you off.

It seems that this question has changed over the years. I’ve been stuck on it for two days now with no luck. Can anyone shed light on how to get to the answer? I’ve found the number of Azure users and the Global Administrators. What I’m not sure of is how to list all the Azure users.

Ensure you are correctly counting the users in AAD before proceeding to percentage calculations.