How to report a training course server down? PKI is not accessible

Hi everyone, I am nearly finished with WINDOWS ATTACKS & DEFENSE - Login To HTB Academy & Continue Learning | HTB Academy (on the last section) and it looks like the PKI server might be down. I’ve remoted into the windows machine with bob from the kali box , restarted both machines several times and I’m unable to ping or rdp into PKI or its IP ( )

I’m wondering if there’s a way to inform HTB or the creator of the training room of this as I’m not sure how they run things on the back end or how that works.


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Hey man have you resolved the issue because i can’t connect as well

Hi, yes actually I did, lets see if I can remember, so it turns out you don’t rdp into the server . So after you export the cert and crack it, all you need to do is remotely access the event viewer via cmd / ps , NOT rdp. I think I may have sshed into the server, and then from there Follow the training steps to a tee (everything under Prevention / Detection sections).
IE: ```
C:\Users\bob\Downloads>runas /user:eagle\htb-student powershell

New-PSSession PKI  /  Enter-PSSession PKI  / Get-WINEvent -FilterHashtable @{Logname='Security'; ID='4887'}
, ETC.

The PKI server is there, it's just not pingable or remotable (sp? lol) 

hope this helps, i was able to finish it