How to know what to do

I would like to do more challenges but i often have no idea where to start. I download the required file(s) and stuff but after that I have no idea where to start or what to look for.

This is a very well contained and detailed guide to start on ctf’s:

yes, but when you get a file, where could you possibly start to search to the flag?

In the challenges you need to bypass some kind of mechanism or break a cipher!
What do you mean which file you search on ?

I’ve downloaded ‘cryptohorrific’, it is an app but i have no idea how to search it because i can’t open all the files.

you have already started without knowing it. curiosity will take you ways away from what you can learn in a classroom if you have a passion to learn you will figure out most things by asking your self the questions you want to ask other

i’ve tried to open every file but sometimes i get unknown types and i’m really stuck. could you please just tell me how i can get started.

A want to be surgeon can’t start by using a knife on a body, he has to understand the body first. You seem to need to learn a bit more, at least for that challenge, in order to move forward.

Go through the tutorials, watch some videos, read some write-ups and I’m sure you will progress.

yeah, i’ve read a lot already but i can’t find any entry level challenges or practice

I actually ran this app in an emulator, and got most of the answer. But it ends in … instead of }. So not sure where to go from there. Anyone else run through an iPhone emulator and get the whole flag somehow?