How to exploit without metasploit

Hi Forum I am just looking for some tips on how to apply Windows exploits without the use of Metasploit please.

I am hoping to do my OSCP in the first half of next year so would like to get proficient with this.

Is there a basic methodology to apply to each one? Or do I need to learn the intricacies of each individual exploit?

I found a collection of Windows exploits here:

It seems to be a bunch of .exe’s which when I try to run on the target them aren’t really doing much. In particular I am looking at:

  • MS10-055 User Mode to Ring
  • MS10-092 Task Scheduler .XML
  • MS15-051 ClientCopyImage Win32k

Which I have identified as vulnerabilities on Devel.


Hi Neo.
In general, you can often find “standalone” scripts for the exploits. A first attempt could be using searchsploit which is basically an offline archive of the Exploit-DB.
If there’s nothing there for the exploit you need (or only the according Metasploit module), try using your favorite search engine, and ask it about “CVE-year-number PoC” or “CVE-year-number” (and similar terms). More often than not, this will yield good results.

If everything else fails, and there is a Metasploit module, check its code and try to rebuild it with your favorite programming/scripting language.