How to do Reverse Shell attack. If you have to hack a remote server (Not HTB) and you got no Router.

I need to ask some questions.
It is possible to do Reverse Shell . l attack without having a router?
I can open port , But it can not be connected to outer world.
I tried using VPN like But it did not worked.
Can you suggest me other options, To do Reverse or Bind Shell attack?

Download Ngrok and Setup the Token :

chmod +x ngrok

Now execute it : ./ngrok tcp 1200

Now the port 1200 is tunneled back to your Host grab the DNS that ngrok outputs, before issuing the reverse shell, pop up another terminal and use netcat nc -lvp 1200 . And now you will get a reverse shell back to you without even having the need to port forward via a router.

EDIT Also if you don’t have a router you can’t have an interface therefore not even a normal Network connection. The above method applies only if you have internet access related. As about the reverse shell with having no router, no you can’t actually. Except if you are taking USB-Stick based network which is not that different it’s just not a physical router in your house.