how to be a Pentester


I’m here because I wanna change my work life. I’m a sr. system engineer for a few years. I was always interested in the security and hacking world, so, I decided to change my work life and I started in June here by HTB. Now, I wanna do some certified, but I read everywhere and always for a lot of different certified and I don’t really know which one I can do first. I feel comfortable here and I trust your experience. I have fundamental experience of system and networking, but not really a lot of development or pentesting. I read on a blog, that for starting to be a pentester I need to do first the CEH and after that the OSCP. Should I do this or do you have a better hint for me?

I would appreciate to get a feedback from you


CEH is the theory fundmentals, OSCP is the real deal. Anyway before starting analyzing which one is better and for what reason for my case you should go on for the one that is more familiar with you. CEH = Applies for Hacking Theory/Toolset Usage, OSCP guides through Hacking Machines,Writing Code or more like implementing it, thinking out of the box and how to be a Proffesional Penetration Tester at it’s early stages. If you want to start over from starting, give it a shot on learning the basics, after that handle the boxes that are around here if you can get them done in under lets say 2 - 3 days talking about the hard - insane ones then you are pretty much on a good level to do your first steps reaching the OSCP. If you are looking to take it slow on learning pentesting and you want that much a needed cert, do vulnhubs study networking and the toolset and go out to give the test it’s sh#tload of easy-doing. Therefore my personal opinion is, start reading the Top OWASP Attacks, read blogs, form a valid and good enviroment for your working process. Finally some links to start of with penetration testing.

Some needed informations about Penetration Testing : Penetration Testing Tutorial

Learning the Web Attacks N0.1 :

Second Edition of it : UPLOAD.EE - File does not exist

Now some of free E-Books that may give you an interest to download and learn them :

Some Websites that learned me a ton of things :

HTB ( Of course it’s first )

VulnHubs :
(Ton of machines to download and beat )

OverTheWire :

SmashTheStack : SmashTheStack Wargaming Network
( The main focus is on pwns on this one just letting it here to be known)

Final Notes : Many of these books may be a little, hard or difficult to understand don’t hesitate to ask for something, always here to help everyone that wants to learn same applies to myself. Also don’t get distracted by mere Books, use google to search things and educate yourself. The whole thread changed it’s way in the middle cause i’ve seen you hesitate about what to choose between CEH - OSCP, my answer is choose nothing till you feel you are comfortable about your current knowledge. That’s all pretty much that i have to say, hope i filled atleast some gap between the choosing side or not.

Wow, thank you very much for your answer Frey! With your message, you open my eyes!!! so I know what to do and it is exactly what you said. Before I start some certified, I need to be more comfortable with the system, networking, tools, OWASP, etc…

thanks for all your Links, they are already in my ToDo list. :slight_smile:

I just thought it would make sense if I would do first the CEH (because of the theory) and then the OSCP (because of the practice), but this just for the future.