How do I download file from this url using curl

I want to download this file at this url using curl.

I tried these commands but it doesn’t work

curl -L --cookie-jar cfile --cookie cfile --data "email=MYEMAIL&password=MYPASSWORD"; curl -O --cookie cfile

What command should I use to download this file using curl?

did you find ?

I have a similar problem, I want login to my account and get some information about me: name, points, hacked name of machines. How can get it by curl?

What I did, is to open the inspector window in chrome, refresh the page on HTB, then find the request for the base page (not the JS, CSS, or API calls). Right click on that, and “Copy as cURL”. from there, i had to remove the ‘accept-encoding’ header to force it to not gzip the response.

As for programmatically getting the required context (cookies, js, etc…) I’ve not dived in yet. :slight_smile: