Help Linux Fundamentals

Hi, I’m having a formatting issue with the second question of “Working with Web Services”.

"Find a way to start a simple HTTP server inside Pwnbox or your local VM using “php”. Submit the command that starts the web server on the localhost ( on port 8080. "

I know my answers all work because they do launch the server but the exact formulation they want eludes me.

I have tried:

php -S 127.0.01:8080
php -S localhost:8080
php --server 127.0.01:8080
php --server localhost:8080

I know this question has been asked before but half the thread has been spoilered and the apparent response was php -S 127.0.01:8080, which doesn’t work for me

hi, this took me some time,

but my issue was using a lowercase -s and it didn’t work.

check your local host number again for errors in your first answer.