Hi, i’m stuck in a question “One of the pages you will identify should say ‘You don’t have access!’. What is the full page URL?” i discover the virtual host and the folder but i dont see what is the file i use application as ffuf wfuzz dirbuster gobuster but i cant resolve this; anybody can help me.

same problem, did you find the issue @klausneil ?

from the directory you found use /FUZZextension don’t use the -e option for ffuf
replace extension with whatever extension you’re testing for.
you’ll find what you need that way.

use directory-list-2.3-medium.txt

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got it, thanks

I was just about to make a new post regarding this question but figured it out as I was making the post -
After multiple attempts, I wasn’t able to enumerate the page name with the -e switch, even with the correct extension listed. Haven’t figured out why yet. Nonetheless, by manually performing the fuzz on the appropriate resource, I was able to see the page they were referring to. However, this started my biggest challenge, which was entering the answer as they preferred it.

After a successful curl and receiving the described text, I copy/pasted the URL into the answer section only to be met with an incorrect response. Thinking there may be another page, my pursuit continued. Hours later, I clicked on the HINT and realized the format they wanted it in. Argh!!! i am stuck too here can help me please

try replacing your port number with the word PORT in your answer