I think I’m missing something. I keep trying to download the dp file, but it’s always timing out and the file is gone. I assume this is from the machine getting reset? Either way, I’m not sure if I should be downloading it, or doing something with it locally. I had planned to d/l it and run it through m*****z.

Rooted, Fun Box Tnx @MinatoTW

PM for nuggets

Fun and practical machine. Root teaches a very good lesson.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Finally, user.txt and pass.txt, good box, follow the recommendations and clues of the forum … thanks

Just got my first R00T ! Thank you for the box !

There is no machine flag…

I have 3 users and 3 passwords. I can connect to S** with a user and pass. But nothing in it… Can someone PM me with some tips. Pulling my hair out here .

I got 9 users now :wink:
used the l********.py

thanks @aho for the help

Working on root. Can someone DM me. Getting stuck

Rooted !

That was a fun one box (It was my first one, and I most on linux way, so it’s possible to do it).
I take about 6 days to resolve it with a lot of errors because I was doing wrong.

Tips :

I’m new in CTF and really you have all the information for the way to have the Users and the Root here.

If you can’t do it please read again the 10st pages and one time all the pages to find the way.

I find many tips on the forum but after trying it returns me a lot of errors so I try differents tool, but when i rooted the machine I knew that a lot of my errors was because of me (Bad Syntax, command or options.

So if you want to congrats this challenge read the forum and RTFM will helps you a lot.

PS : It’s funny to know that when you know everithing it takes 30 minutes for getting root :smiley:

Have a good luck for the others.

Type your comment> @MRKR said:

I have 3 users and 3 passwords. I can connect to S** with a user and pass. But nothing in it… Can someone PM me with some tips. Pulling my hair out here .

Page 3 on 5 you’ll find all what you need :slight_smile:

Type your comment> @fbr0 said:

Tips for root?

How can I view the processes and pid?

Hum command help maybe will help :wink: or some stuff in powershell manual maybe …

Can anybody help me on root phase? I found sha hash and decrypted it, but I can’t find a place to use. I tried to proc***p animal and using strings search in those files, but still can’t find anything interesting. i’ve been stuck for hours now.

Bit lost in the sauce on this one. Can access **5 but is there something there I should be looking for? Legit just get into the ***$ and can’t do anything? Nudge please!

Rooted!..This was a fun box to work on. I have a habit of overthinking things and when I started this box, I tried to keep it simple. If you are stuck on something, DM me and will be more than glad to help.

Just got this!

Thank you @MinatoTW for this box, it was super realistic and fun!

As other have said:

Foothold: you don’t get/won’t need a shell on the box for foothold
User: Enumerate all you can. Grab every username you can find. If you happen to find any passwords, the internet is your friend.
Root: I got stuck here for 3 days. Reading the comments really helped. No exploitation needed here, no guessing required. It’s all in your memory and environment.

Feel free to pm for hints!

Need a hint on a user please
Got probably 2 users and 3 passwords(from hashes)
Tried doing r***p.py and got 315 endpoint (WTF even is that?) and also tried lk****d.py, nothing.


UPD: got 9 users now, saw 3 share-folders, but no clue what to do next. PM me please

Did this machine get decommissioned ?

Type your comment> @0X44696F21 said:

Did this machine get decommissioned ?

Yes, this machine is now retired.