Hard disc drive does not work windows 11

Hello everyone!
I am facing the following problem.
My external hard drive is 300 GB in size. The system sees it in RAW format, although it used to be in FAT format.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy…

I still have important files on the drive.

Maybe there is someone who can help me?

So I connected the disc to other computers running Windows and Linux. I even took the disc out of the packaging and connected it directly via the SATA interface, but it didn’t work.

I managed to find a solution online.

I came across this article and followed it step by step.

Data Recovery Software For RAW File System

It cost me $97.95, but that’s nothing compared to sending the disc to a specialist. I risked losing my files forever. But I can’t afford to pay a lot of money.

Next, I would like to explain how I proceeded.

Firstly, I managed to create a copy of the damaged drive using the “HDD Raw Copy Tool”.

I downloaded “Hetman Partition Recovery”, the programme found my RAW drive in FAT format and started a full scan. It found most of my files and recovered them successfully. Of course, not all files could be recovered, but I was lucky: I was able to recover the most important files.

And yes, make copies of important files (discs) for the future.

I recommend using data recovery software like Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to retrieve files from your RAW-formatted external hard drive. Avoid writing new data to prevent further damage. Consider professional data recovery services for critical files. Regular backups are essential for future data protection. #aluminum flanges