Introduction to handshakeharvest2024.zip package

The following program handshakeharvest2024.zip has been released for community use.

You can download at:


This program package attempts to collect WPA handshakes for ALL networks seen in the reception area automatically and has been tested for years. This newer version corrects bugs found and takes advantage of lessons learned.

Since the days of Bletchley Park and Enigma during World War 2, it has long been known that operator error and weak encryption can lead to the system being compromised. Enigma was initially cracked when an German operator did not follow instructions and sent the same key twice. As for WIFI WPA encryption, during the years the WPS system was vulnerable thru reaver, a general glimpse of how users select passwords was obtained.

If you are in an area where many WIFI networks exist, those with weak passwords are vulnerable and there will always be weak passwords in some of these networks. The problem is finding those with these weak pass phrases, as collecting a large number of handshakes and then processing them takes time. Furthermore attempting to crack all these handshakes thru brute force can be labor intensive. Even using high speed computers with graphics cards, it can take a long time. This package approaches the WPA cracking problem differently. Instead of focusing on one handshake and large wordlist files, the program collects many handshakes and then tests them all with smaller common passwords files looking for weak encryption and common pass phrases.

The handshake harvest program can collect a large number of handshakes automatically and is literally fire and forget. Start the program, go thru the simple setup and walk away. In our areas off operation, within 24 hours many many handshakes are ALAWAYS collected. These handshakes now need to be tested. An auxiliary program airmulticrack2024-2.sh is also found in the handshakeharvest2024 zip file. Run the program airmulticrack2024-2.sh, select the password list to test, and ALL handshakes in the /root/HANDSHAKEHOLD/ folder will be tested against the wordlist chosen automatically. Passwords found are stored in a text file easily referenced.

Many times the WPA pass phrase is transmitted in clear text which can be collected. Users have also been seen to either use the ESSID as the WPA pass phrase or the 8 digit WPS Pin. The hanshakeharvest program collects these possible passwords transmitted in the clear and stores them in a password file. The ESSID of all networks seen is also added during each scan cycle.

The tools in this program package reduces the labor and time required to collect and process WPA handshakes and is well suited for slower laptops and computers.

The handshakeharvest-2024.zip file contains:


This is just an introduction. See the help file in the zip file entitled readme-hanshakeharvest2024 for details