Hack The Box Releases a NEW PLATFORM and the Public BETA is LIVE ?‍??‍?
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New features have been added and will continue to be added ?
Find all about it here: HTB News | Hack The Box Platform Redesign Beta Release
NEW HTB - New Hacking Experience! R U Ready?

Maybe I’m just blind, but is there a place in the new beta to view my current VPN connection information and statistics, similar to what is available on the older HTB “Access” web page? I looked for this info in the new platform but was unable to find it.

May be good for old machines with small screens… $)

it is a bit slow…

I really love this new UI of the platform, there is only a litte thing that I can’t find. The “trophy” section, with all the key sentence for each owned box.
BTW, love it!

I hope you didn’t spend too much time/money toward making this c1ap, please don’t touch the current lovely design, my eyes can’t handle the new one.

The new one is good. Just don’t rush, you’ll still need some time to figure out what can be changed. From the first view, on the login page you’d need to put “email” and “password” text on the login form a bit above or make them smaller. What about the main page, this solarized-like background doesn’t look good - the current one would be a good replacement for it. However, you can provide users a choice of which theme they want so they can change it anytime they want.

Not a fan to be honest. Be nice if you could keep the option to view it in ‘classic mode’.

I’m super surprised most the people here so far say they are not a fan. I love it. It’s fresh and intuitive. Makes sense the direction you are going with it, make it feel like more of a full fledged platform, and give a little more direction on someone who might be entirely new to it.
Change is good, and I’m glad to see constant improvements on this awesome platform.

The new UI is pretty fugly imo! Sometimes change is good but I can’t see any benefit here…

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Not a fan to be honest. Be nice if you could keep the option to view it in ‘classic mode’.

Yes, please, keep an option to switch in the classic mode, more intuitive for me.

I don’t mind it, its a nice look.
But it is a bit slow and sometimes it gets stuck when refreshing the page.

Not massively keen on how ‘big’ everything is personally. Presumably the slowness will go away as things progress. I have to ask what was wrong with the existing UI? I like it. Please do keep the option to stay classic, at least for now.

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You probably didnt mean to post that here.

so nice …

It’s absolutely great. So much better.

One question–where do my CPEs appear in the new interface? The only reason I ever go back to the old is to check those.

Could you please “mark” completed endgames and fortresses with “star” like finished challenges section. Thank you.

I like the new interface, but the new “Submit Flag” windows states: “INPUT FLAG HASH”, despite you not actually having to hash the flag (the old interface doesn’t mention hashing the answer anywhere, and it doesn’t work). I would appreciate it if this could be fixed, just spent 15 minutes putting in wrong answers! XD

it’s very slow and unresponsive. Most of the time it doesn’t even load the box stats, not to mention to input flag, spawn or reset the box. I liked it initially, but (presumably) as more and more people kept trying it it just started slowing down.

Also, machines filtering in the classic view worked way better - if anything the option to rate by user rating was great for me to filter boxes and go easiest → hardest.