Hack the box academy's lab: i can't connect to the server it wants me to through cURL

Hi, i have recently started the HTB academy module on web requests. when i attempt the lab at the bottom, it gives an ip address along with it’s port, and asks me to download “download.php”. so i put into the terminal of the parrot: “curl -O (ip address):(port number)/downloads.php”. but when i attempt this command, the following error message comes up:
curl: (28) Failed to connect to (ip address) port (port number) after (a lot) ms: couldn’t connect to server. Is there anyone who can tell me what i’ve done wrong?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a network issue to me?
I’m not familiar with HTB Academy, does it use a VPN like the Labs?

See if you can ping the ip address you’re using in the curl command…

ping (ip address)

Where the IP address is the IP used in your curl command:
curl -O (ip address)


If you can ping the IP, post the entire curl command and just * out the IP, port shouldn’t matter…

i did suspect that may be the case, it does use a vpn. i have tried pinging it, and that seems to work however. if memory serves it took 83 ms

That’s good, so post your curl command and let’s see what is wrong. Just filter out the IP, but leave your port alone since its not a security concern.