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Hello, I am at the “Attacking Applications Connecting to Services” section on the Attacking Common Applications Module. In this section they tell you to use gdb to examinate an elf file and put a breakpoint at a specific address, my concern is why does the address shown at the module have a different format than the one that i get. Furthermore, using the address that i get doesn’t work but using the one on the module does work.

Format of the address on the module:

My address:

In the module they tell you to put a breakpoint on the SQLDriverConnect@plt call address:

, but if i use mine i get the following error:

I finished the module using the address format that they give you on the module, but I don’t know how i should be able to get that format. Any help? :frowning:

For others who may be unable to understand debuggers, at least for this exercise, try doing the following:

  1. set a breakpoint where it won’t work.
  2. type run to execute and get error
  3. type set disassembly intel
  4. type disas main
    Then you should be able to see the same info as in the screenshot.
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