Friendzone writeup by nuti

Hi guys, here is another one of my writeups, this time for recently retired machines Friendzone.

Ah, my very first machine, and I was starting to make progress. What a bummer to find out that it’s retired. I got stuck, and some help would be greatly appreciated.

I uploaded my reverse shell to the /Development share, and I found the and domains in enumeration.

I tried going to those URLs in my browser and was always brought to some webpage not within the htb VPN. I also tried editing my hosts file so those URLs would go to the right place, but the only IP address I could find was, which just brought me to the first page.

I know I’m doing something wrong with navigating to these pages, but I can’t put my finger on it.

I had the same problem. For me it was a setting in Modify headers plugin, which had a default of host: localhost HTTP header set. Check your browser plugins if it is not the same.