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Yes, Alex has no rights to access the database.
You need another Windows user.
Have a look around on the system.
Users have the stupid habit to use passwords several times. Is there a user who has the same role for Windows as SA has for the database?

Do you mean Administrator ?

I tried to connect wia xfreerdp as Administrator with SA password but all my attempt are in wain.
Which RDP connect you used?

Try it with Remmina

The connection with the server is so bad remmina always disconnect. Sometimes I cant even ping IP. Its weird. Anyway thanks a lot.

Maybe you should change the VPN access.

thanks a lot that was useful to read the nfs shares

I just got the flag.

a few issues that I had which might help others out.

1:xfreerdp i got to work once, it kept saying it couldnt log in so i used Remmina like PayloadBunny said but i still got disconnected alot! if your having a hard time getting connection just wait a bit, it will work.

2: I got stuck at the sql log in as well, once you got the password for ‘the other user found on the system’ you need think of this as windows vista when you ‘run’ ssms.

When you say ‘you need to think of this as windows vista’, what do you mean by that?

You might have to right click on the short cut and do something.