Footprinting - IMAP/POP3

Man I’ve looked through all of these posts, I can login to IMAP, see the list and then after that nothing, not sure how the syntax is supposed to be. Everytime I try seeing anything in an Inbox it just says it doesn’t exist

I found my answer here:

Fetch message body section.

seems like not all can be selected (\noselect) but that’s a guess

Make sure you pay attention to the "FLAG"s that you can use

I am stuck. I was able to login into both IMAP and POP3 but there is not email in the inbox. Arre there supposed to be massages in the inbox? Am I supposed to find the admin login? I was not able to find the email of the admin nor the last flag. Thanks for any tips

I finally figured it out. Tip: look through other mailboxes besides the INBOX.

How do you list out the emails?
Perhaps you can see who sent it?

i know this is way later but for anyone scouring through all these forums looking for help for the questions posed on htb for imap commands and usuage Introduction to IMAP

Thank you for this bro I got stuck on this yesterday! It helped me a lot!

For this case, you must mount the email with the information that give us the command line: openssl, ex: user@domain, that line give us the information with us can continue using the FETCH command for get flag, how your can seen below…!!


The objective of this exercise is to instruct individuals on how to use IMAP/POP3 protocols for reading emails. Additionally, ensure to check all inboxes.