Footprinting - IMAP/POP3

Man I’ve looked through all of these posts, I can login to IMAP, see the list and then after that nothing, not sure how the syntax is supposed to be. Everytime I try seeing anything in an Inbox it just says it doesn’t exist

I found my answer here:

Fetch message body section.

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seems like not all can be selected (\noselect) but that’s a guess

Make sure you pay attention to the "FLAG"s that you can use

I am stuck. I was able to login into both IMAP and POP3 but there is not email in the inbox. Arre there supposed to be massages in the inbox? Am I supposed to find the admin login? I was not able to find the email of the admin nor the last flag. Thanks for any tips

I finally figured it out. Tip: look through other mailboxes besides the INBOX.

How do you list out the emails?
Perhaps you can see who sent it?

i know this is way later but for anyone scouring through all these forums looking for help for the questions posed on htb for imap commands and usuage Introduction to IMAP

Thank you for this bro I got stuck on this yesterday! It helped me a lot!


The objective of this exercise is to instruct individuals on how to use IMAP/POP3 protocols for reading emails. Additionally, ensure to check all inboxes.

You can also use python script for that to retrieve the message. :sleepy:

Check this out

Jezzz. Thanks you so much for this post

use these commands when u connected to imap


Subject: Flag
To: Robin robin@inlanefreight.htb
From: CTO xxxxx@inlanefreight.htb
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2021 16:13:27 +0200


OK Fetch completed (0.001 + 0.000 secs).

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For anyone stuck on the last two questions - the shared link above helped me answer them.

Read through that page & it’ll give you a direct path to answering the last questions!

Self learning outside of what is presented on each module’s service has been really key for me :slight_smile: The more you know how something works, the more you can understand how to make it work in your favour! Or not work at all xD

when someone send a email their is a sender and receiver, check all folder correctly in imaps… do also some googling for retrieving header or body of email in imaps command

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Hey did you find the answear? i also get 0 email when i use the LIST command , what can i do?

Thats great exercise for learning about email protocols!