Fixing not working VPN file!

You may faced with weird problem, connecting to vpn file using “sudo openvp file.ovpn” after terminating last one is not good
Here is why:
In the output will be normal, but you may have trouble to do task of htb academies.
Main reason is opening more tun interfaces at the same time tun1, tun2,tun3…

Here is how to fix:
If VPN file doesn’t work after connecting don’t rush changing server and connecting new one.
Because it will create another tun interface and it will be only increase problem.
If you change VPN server and connect new one terminating openvpn process is not enough.

Check interfaces:
command: “ifconfig”
If you see more than tun interface terminate all of of them using:
command: “sudo ifconfig tun1 down” or “sudo ifconfig tun2 down” and etc.
Confirm there is no more tun interface using:
command: “ifconfig”
After that new vpn file will work correctly.