Filter metasploit search results on "Privileged"

Anyone know if there’s a way to filter search results in the metasploit console so it only shows exploits where “Privileged: No” when you enter “info” ?

I rememer that you can use a grep with the interpreter but I don’t remember the command.

Yes now I remember. You need first type a grep and later a command in interprer of Metasploit


grep “something” search ethernalblue


grep “RHOST” options

looks like the grep only works on what “search” returns and not the full info content (which’d make sense) so “Privileged: No” isn’t in the results to be grepped on - it doesn’t work. Apparently it would require adding searchable tag word and code via a github pr. (Sorry, should have closed topic when I found that out … but looked like it had already sunk into the depths of time) EDIT: doesn’t appear to be a solved/close button.