Ffuf Keyword FUZZ defined, but not found in headers error

“ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt:FUZZ -u = true”
//Here is my code. I have searched allot for fixes of this error but the only thing i can find is other people that get it. I use the already setup ffuf on pwnbox and i seem to get the error only when using the “:FUZZ” command to def something if anyone has worked with ffuf on pwnbox or somewhere else and knows a possible answer please post it here.
The full error is: “Keyword FUZZ defined, but not found in headers, method, URL or POST data.”

Hey, is this your whole command that you are trying to run? Short answer is you are defining the keyword ‘FUZZ’ in the wordlist, but not actually using that keyword in the command.
ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt:FUZZ -u = true

You can define it the way you are, but when you only have one wordlist you can just use it in the URL like this:
ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt -u "http://IP:PORT/FUZZ"
ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt:FUZZ -u "http://IP:PORT/FUZZ"
These are both the same.

You would want to define it if you use multiple wordlists such as:
ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt:FUZZ -w /usr/share/subdomains:SUB -u "SUB.IP:PORT/FUZZ"

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sorry for disturbing you again but while doing one of the exercises on the academy using your way witch works i get Errors: 87649. Do you have any idea what could cause it when i entered the same code as it said but get all these errors?

ffuf -w /usr/share/dirbuster/wordlists/directory-list-2.3-small.txt -u

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Hey no worries! Compare our lines, minus the wordlists:
-u "http://IP:PORT/FUZZ"
You used : instead of /, which is going to break it because it will be sending requests for a directory with : instead of /.

Keep in mind that : just defines the keyword for the wordlist, but the keyword itself is what FUFF looks for when it is placing words from a wordlist in your command.


thank you so so much with all the help

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No problem!

The error “Keyword FUZZ defined, but not found in headers, method, URL, or POST data” in ffuf indicates that the “FUZZ” keyword is not being recognized in the specified locations. To troubleshoot the issue, check the command syntax, verify the wordlist path, confirm correct usage of the “:FUZZ” variable, ensure the target URL is accurate, test with simple values, update ffuf to the latest version, and consult the official documentation or community resources for further assistance.

Rachel Gomez

Worked for me

from word list it takes words and use fuzz as variable to append on URL

I used

ffuf -w ~/Desktop/dir_bruteforcers/Wordlist/directory-list-2.3-big.txt:FUZZ -u "http://hackycorp.com/FUZZ"  -mc all -fs 42 -c