Ffuf extremely slow


I’m using Ffuf 2-0-0-dev under a Kali VM.
When trying to fuzz, I got only 70 requests per second approximately. If I use the PwnBox it gets to 7000 requests (I am doing ATTACKING WEB APPLICATIONS WITH FFUF module)
I got fiber connexion, and at least 100Mbps outbound throughput.
Tried reinstalling ffuf, update him : same.
Same with WiFi, Ethernet and Tethering connexion.

Is it normal to have such a slow rate with HTB machines ? Do someone had the same issue ?

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Yes, I am facing the same issue with running HTB Parrot edition locally

At the moment I’m getting 8 req/sec which boils down to 3 hours for the directory-list-2.3.-small.txt list… And that’s on 1Gb fiber internet link :face_exhaling:

On Parrot HTB’s VM or your own VM ? For me it is only on my Kali VM.
Very curious about what’s the problem.