Exploiting Web Vulnerabilities in Thick-Client Applications

Thanks a lot!

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OK! If you are just looking for the answer of the question, it is in this youtube video at the specific time.

Time = 1.40.04

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God bless you! Newbies like me really wants people like you… HTB really needs people like you ! I am going to go deep in this, it has shown me by biggest weakness ! Thankyou !

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My realization
the first time I had real problems compiling the files and immediately looked for solutions on the internet and here in the forum, I also found helpful information, thanks for that!

But on the whole I didn’t follow the instructions in the module correctly and that was my mistake.

Every time you modify a *.java file, you should follow these steps

  1. javac -cp fatty-client-new.jar .\fatty-client-new.jar.src\htb\fatty\client\xyz\XYZ.java
  2. cp fatty-client-new.jar raw\fatty-client-new-2.jar
  3. mv -Force fatty-client-new.jar.src\htb\fatty\client\xyz*.class raw\htb\fatty\client\xyz\
  4. cd raw
  5. jar -cmf META-INF\MANIFEST.MF traverse.jar .
  6. double-click on the traverse.jar

and that’s it.

can some one just post the ip i have zero java experiance and ill never use this in real world as I have no desire to do programing i get to the part where you mod the file to download the server but they left out alot of the compiling and ■■■■ this section should be its own module i dont want to spend a week to complete a section that doesnt even reward you with cubes

any one stuck on the download add all th lines besides
return "Successfully saved the file to " + desktopPath;
and it should compile correctly you wont get a message but after a bit it should show the bianary output on screen and a non zero byte server file should be present on the desktop of the rdp this took me 8 straight hours to diag wow what a horrible section