Error while using impacket's mssqlclient

socket.gaierror while using mssqlclient. I also made sure i was conneted to vpn while using the command. Someone please help

I have the same error. Using the older version of Impacket like in the tutorial (v0.9.22) did not help me. Please help.

What’s the context for this? I’ve never seen brackets put around the IP address before. That seems like it would mess things up.

@GopnikRobinHood Can you please also post a screenshot? Which tutorial are you attempting to follow?

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Here is a screenshot:

I am following the tutorial from the Archetype page. Here is a screenshot from the relevant step:

But you were right. I just deleted the brackets and now it works. Thank you very much.

I feel a bit ashamed now ngl.


Sweet! No reason to be ashamed. I can see how that would be confusing to start. Just learn from it and you won’t make the same mistake again. :smiley: Happy hacking!