dream diary - chapter 2

pwnd. hit me up for hints.

I’ve started it and first moment it how use radare2 for debugging it? I can start it as LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib/dream_diary/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ bin/chapter2 and connect to process but how use rarun2 profile?

Done and Dusted! With the pain gained completing the “Chapter 1” challenge, Chapter 2’s challenge seemed a lot easier and straight forward. Onto the next!!!


Yep, only two days instead of two weeks, but could reuse something from the first part.

It broken my brain.
Thanks for rescue to @wxadvisor, @yb4Iym8f88, @budyackey.

Hi I am maybe late to the party but hopefully not too late. I have working local exploit which works with several xenial versions but not remotely. So I am stuck and could use some help.

Never mind. G0t a hint about the p** issue with s***t … and now it works also remote.