Download all tools form ippsec video

where I can download all the tools/webshell in ippsec videos?
this is the folder he accesses all the time /opt/shells/ like in this video HackTheBox - Nineveh - YouTube

I think he manually installed all of them, or either found a github repo for that.

Yeah, any interesting tools he finds he puts into his /opt/ folder. I’ve developed the same strategy, filling up my /opt/linux_privesc/ folder with stuff like,, pspy, highoncoffee, etc.

Watch some of his videos, find the cool tools he uses on github, download them, then hoard them like a dragon. :slight_smile:

@ahronmoshe, I agree with @LegendHacker and @ChefByzen.

Basically, as you work through boxes you will find tools you like/need/want and install them.

Life is easier if you find a way to store them in a common folder (/opt/ is a common choice, but it is a choice).

If you have Kali, you may well have some useful stuff in /usr/share/ which is worth getting to know. If you are after shells /usr/share/webshells/ has a few worth looking into grouped into technologies.

It is 100% worth the effort of looking at what is already on your Kali system (people often forget the files in /usr/share/windows-binaries or /usr/share/windows-resources/binaries exist)