Just sharing my notes thus far in case anyone is interested – still needs a lot of work especially in terms of composition/organisation so if anyone wanted to contribute to re-organizing the mess I’d be so happy.

Mostly based on my interpretation when you get to buffer overflows, I’ve only really experience with EIP and SEH based ones hands on so the rest is kind of speculation. If there are any inaccuracies please point them out to me! :slight_smile:

Happy Hacking!

Moved to “other” tutorials, writeups is for machine tutorials. Otherwise nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks @Arrexel

Those notes look useful, keep on good work improving them, you are doing good job so far :slight_smile:

your notes are awesome, thanks a lot for sharing

No problem! Updated with a fuller table of contents (=

Thank you @dostoevskylabs

Thank you @dostoevsky…great job there

Great notes, thanks for sharing.

Nice Work !! :+1: :smiley:

Good stuff!

Thanks for sharing!