Do endgames actually work?

I started RPG Endgames quite a few months ago but stopped pretty soon, moved on and completely forgot about it. I was hesitant about getting a Pro Lab Subscription this morning, so considering the price I decided I would do Endgames first, see how it went and if it was worth the money.
Well, I still have some old notes from the first time I tried, so I know for a fact what ports should be open, and some of them just won’t show. I nmap’ed the machine several times, with different options, and nothing appears. If I try to access the port I know should be open, it just hangs.
So, I can’t do the very first step of what is supposed to be a lab, something more interesting and developed than the boxes. I can’t event reset because according to some posts on the forum, I need to go ask to random people to reset the machine for me, and I have other things to do in life than just waiting for strangers to be nice and helpful.

Is that it ? Do I just have now to wait for the box to be reset in what may be weeks, and pray after that that no one will break it again ? I mean, I’m very grateful to the HTB staff for the awesome content they offer, moreover free for a part of it, but right now I am certainly not spending 100+ dollars in another lab just so I can look at the reset page…