Different ways to hack Archetype Box

Hi All,

I am just starting out with pentesting and so far enjoying it!

I am currently stuck on the Archetype box where the reverse shell script is not working. I did spend some good hours troubleshooting it but unable to get the reverse shell up and working. Anyone else facing similar issues?

As a work-around I am trying for privilege escalation using xp_cmdshell but running into “access denied” errors. Tried ‘runas’ command using admin priv to add sql_svc user in local admin group but failed due to permission errors.

Has anyone been able to get the password for Administrator without going through the method specified in “Walkthrough” pdf? I Would love to know the different ways to gain access.

Thanks in advance!

Eh up, I’ve got a thread labelled “Archetype defeats an idiot” where I’m hitting some antivirus software when trying to execute my script. I’ve given up for the time being and am having a few days off before trying again or moving on.

I have looked for other walkthroughs and it would seem everyone uses the same / very similar methods as in the walkthrough.

You don’t need the reverse shell to reach the flag

Stop trying to use PS scripts. Look for other ways of getting a reverse shell.

Also, mikefbrown is correct. You don’t really need a reverse shell for this, just makes it easier.

what other ways is there?