Decrypt Hash

Hello everybody
today i just started at starting point so i get the user.txt and get the hash
but i cant decrypt it if there any way or hint to decrypt the hash
i tried with john and hash cat but it didnt work
many thanks

You don’t need to decrypt or break the hash. The hashes inside user.txt and root.txt are the actual flags you usually have to submit to the HTB website/scoreboard. The first Starting Point machine is a bit of an exception to that rule. Here, you only have to submit the hash from root.txt.
Additionally, keep in mind that the hashes/flags are dynamic in nature. Each time a machine gets reset, the flags will change and old hashes wont be accepted by the website. So, don’t try hoarding flags, but submit them as soon as you discovered them.

HomeSen has already answered your question, but I wanted to add the following:

Not to be pendantic, but hashes cannot be decrypted, they can only be broken. Hashing and Encryption are different concepts and have very different security goals. Best not to confuse them :slight_smile:

@HomeSen @nyckelharpa many thanks for you

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