Ddos botnet Ddos botnet


  • Powerful Layer 3 / 4 / 7
  • TCP Bypass / UDP Bypass (kills most game servers / applications)
  • Bypass Cloudflare UAM, Cloudflare reCAPTCHA & hCaptcha (custom pages as well),
    Blazingfast, Sucuri WAF, DDOS-Guard, OVH UAM, Pipeguard, ArvanCloud and MORE!.
  • GET / POST with post data and %RAND% support.
  • 10,000 Unique IPs per attack
  • HTTP and SOCKET mode
  • Browser-like requests (headless)
  • Ratelimit bypass mode
  • Geo block bypass (multiple origins, korea, hong kong, china, etc)
  • Cheap pricing
  • High slots (attack space) availability
  • Optional API access
  • Automatic payments
  • Can attack .onion websites
  • OVH bypass over UDP (ts3, samp, arma, rust, etc)
  • 1M pps and over 100k rqps PER concurrent (stack-able)

Captcha: Can bypass cloudflare recaptcha & hcaptcha in some sites HTTP mode cant.
Universal: Can bypass most JS challenges and cloudflare recaptcha & hcaptcha.
HTTP mode is still bypassing UAM, captcha & recaptcha as well as most JS challenges.
Socket mode is still sending a huge amount of http requests per second.

The AVERAGE power for 1 CONCURRENT of the REGULAR network is:

  • 100K RQPS (Layer 7)
  • 1M pps (Around 700 Gbps depending on method)

The more concurrents you send the higher the total power output is.

Grups : Telegram: Contact @ddosserviceroot

Videos : https://rootzeynusx.blogspot.com/