Cyber Santa 🎅: Is Coming to Town

Santa’s warehouse is compromised! :smiling_imp: We are gathering a team of hackers to save the holidays… Will you join the ULTIMATE hacking squad?
This is a CTF you haven’t seen before!

:christmas_tree:25 BEGINNER-FRIENDLY challenges
:gift:More than 1,000 prizes PER DAY!
:medal_sports:Solve all challenges to GET CERTIFIED

Reserve your spot now :point_left:

:gift:Special prizes powered by
offsectraining, Hak5, and snyksec!

But it’s not over!At the end of the CTF, we are going to host a proper
HACKING WATCH PARTY :popcorn::cup_with_straw:
With the best hackers out there!

Come and watch live challenges walkthroughs, ask questions, or simply hang out with your cybersecurity idols.

Make sure to set a reminder on YouTube! :date:

Ready, Set, PWN :checkered_flag: