Ctrl + C alternative in shell

I used cat to read a file in a root shell and it is just hanging. What can I use instead of ctrl + c so that I don’t kill my shell?

Also, why does cat do this? Should I be using less instead?


i think you should be able to use ctrl +c if you get a full interactive shell

python -c "import pty; pty.spawn('/bin/bash')"
stty raw -echo

ps you wont see typing fg

I’ve tried that too and it doesn’t seem to do anything that I have noticed… How do I know that it has worked?

Super Useful:

Cheers rub1ks… was a good read. I used step 1 and step 3 on a msf exploit and ctrl + c just asked me if I wanted to terminate the session and didn’t get me out of cat hanging. Will try again on another reverse shell.