Cracking Miscellaneous Files & Hashes

Hey guys, I got a problem with the quest " Cracking Miscellaneous Files & Hashes".
The Hint tells me to use from /opt to extract the hash from the zip-file. But if I execute the command ( > python /opt/7z2john/ hashcat.7z) I got a SyntaxError as response. It seems to be a problem with the python script and I have no idea how to solve this. Am I missing something obvious here or is that a problem of the workstation?

after many unsuccessful trys I found a working workaround. If some of you are also stuck in this quest, here are my hints:

  • extract the hash of the 7z

if doesnt work on your machine, make a google search for a hash extracter tool

  • crack the hash using hashcat
  • open the 7z file in your workstation with > open
  • enter with your cracked password an get the flag

I had the same issue, and found on a non-HTB thread that this error means you need to use Python2. sudo apt-get install python2 should then let you run