Cracking hashes

So help me out, forum. I’m early days in the labs, but I feel like I’m missing something, or otherwise have something important to learn. So (hopefully this will make sense to people who’ve gotten past this point):

John the Ripper (with the special sauce):
rockyou, crackstation, a bunch of the big ones from
best64, various KoreLogic
600k-ish guesses a second (4-core i7), 7 days.
No dice.

So I’m left wondering, “Have I just been unlucky and missed one combination that would get the job done, or am I doing this all wrong/missing something important?”

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Usually if it is not in RockYou or Crackstation you are not supposed to crack it.

Is this from your experience of RastaLabs?

I have not done Rastalabs yet im still in the Osint process of analysing any hints i can find but im pretty sure Rastamouse would not give you a hash that difficult i agree with the previous comment if its not in rockyou then i would maybe looking at a specialised list IE use CEWL. From what i can ascertain this challenge is indeed REAL WORLD not just an ordinary crackme challenge.

WPA crack Try using this service and don’t worry about it.
They will run your hash through databases > 500Gb in a short period of time, which the average user cannot do.