Connection Refused error

I got the userflag but when trying to run cloudme exploit with python [filename].py , it says [errorno 111] Connection Refused. A small help is aprreciated. Thank you !

This section will explore 11 methods to fix the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error in Chrome.

The methods are mostly beginner-friendly, although some of them are advanced. We will walk you through each step, making the troubleshooting process as painless as possible. Let’s start.

  1. Check Whether the Website Is Down
    The ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error can sometimes be caused by issues with the website itself, such as server downtime. Before trying out the other methods, check if the site is accessible.

To check if a website is down, use free online tools such as Website Planet, Host Tracker, or Site24x7. All you have to do is input the website’s URL, and the tool will tell you the website status.

The webpage for Website Planet’s Is Your Website Down Right Now? tool.
If the website is down for everyone, all you can do is wait for the website administrators to fix the issue. If not, the problem undoubtedly lies in your machine, and you can try the following methods.

  1. Restart Your Network Adapter
    You can often fix a faulty internet connection by simply restarting your router. Whenever you have connection issues, this method is always worth trying.

To restart your network adapter, locate your router and unplug the power. Wait 10-30 seconds before plugging the power back on. Once you’ve reconnected to the internet, try reaccessing the website.

Rachel Gomez