Connection of OpenVPN to kali machine

I’m unable to install and connect to the HTB Labs because of this error.
Can someone helps me fix this

What’s your openvpn version number? Also, what does your LAN look like?

you’re most likely using an outdated version of kali / openvpn. Check with dpkg -l openvpn, my installed version is 2.6.0~really2.5.7-0kali1.
The VPN config has a line “data-ciphers-fallback” which your version of OpenVPN does not support.

Upgrade to a newer Kali version or try to just upgrade OpenVPN to whichever version is the newest for your Kali release:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade openvpn

If it says something like release file is missing, 404 errors etc, you must upgrade your Kali version (best to backup /home and /opt, Setup new Kali and restore the backups).

I had to setup my machine again!