Completed tracks still show up in To-Do (and some other points)

I’m enrolled in a couple of tracks and I find the UI fairly clunky.

  • Tracks keep showing up in To-Do while you’re enrolled even when fully completed. Very annoying, is there any downside to un-enrolling after completing a track so I don’t have to scroll past it when looking at my To-Do? Can the Favorite function (that puts things in To-Do be made separate from the track Enrolled status) be separated from Enrollment?

  • Track progress is not visible in the Tracks list, only on your profile which is not necessarily a big deal but a bit annoying to have to click around more than necessary.

  • When viewing a track, if I click on a challenge, and then click on the left arrow in the corner of the div it takes me to the list of tracks, not to the track view which was the origin when I first clicked it. (To recreate: Home > To-Do > click track to see challenge list > click the left arrow in the UI > You’re now on main Tracks listing not your home/To-Do)

Ideally Tracks that you’re enrolled in should have their own tab on the Home profile page rather than ending up in To-Do. Wether or not the individual challenges should be added to To-Do once you enroll is a different question (and I’m both in favour [because it makes sense you’ve enrolled in a course and you’re not meant to do all those parts] and against [because you should decide/keep control over your To-Do not have it cluttered with multiple entries automatically]).