Complete beginner problems

Hi everyone,
I am new to this site and tried getting access to the easyest available machine. “Jerry” on And surprisingly I made it. I have access to the web application manager ( but I don’t know what to do from here. The challenge is asking for some sort of verification that I made it. I feel like I have looked everywhere. Is there more to the challenge? if not, can you please give me a hint on how to get the required information?
Thank you.


Did you run a web scan tool on this box ?

The hard part is getting hints without it becoming a spoiler.

At a very high level, you need to use the access you have to the web application manager to find a way to get access to the underlying operating system so you can navigate through folders.

The “verification” you are looking for is in two parts.

First you want the contents of the user.txt file and then the root.txt file. These are normally located in the Desktop folders but get used to searching for them.

For specific Jerry related discussion, have a look at the conversations about it - for example: Jerry — Hack The Box :: Forums

Thank you!