i know the sound of mp3 but i can’t find a tool to complete this challenges, guys if anyone have suggestions on that pls dm.

Is this sound resembles any clue or I am thinking wrong
guys ant hints

Well if you know the sound of mp3, you can just google for the decoder tool. I dont think you have any online tools, but you get lot of offline tools. Happy Hacking :slight_smile:

I think I decoded the audio but either my result was wrong or there are some tones that cannot be related to anything usable by design of the technology at “hand”. Or I’m way off and need a smack.

Additionally you can find online simple exe program which works on “wav” file. Then download Audacity and convert mp3 to wav mono - works perfectly.

I use 2 tools which gave me 2 different tones sequences, anyone could msg me to fix the good one in order to continue ? :slight_smile: thanks

Anyone a hint on how to proceed with this challenge? I used a linux program MM to decode the audio. But now im stuch with a series of symbols that I do not know what to do with.

I have got the “thing” using an app. But it decodes to nothing

Ok I solved it. My hint is, try to notice a property of the sequence you get after the first step.

Here’s a Nursery Rhyme that might help.

“The animals went in two by two, hurrah! hurrah!”

Done. At last.
Hint: “Amazon ships packages faster if…”

anyone have time for a question?

I think I have step 1, can someone verify my numbers are correct? I’m not seeing a pattern…

Can I bounce what I’ve done off someone? I have step 1 (I think) but I can’t see the pattern.

I see a pattern in them but still could’nt decode them correctly …Can someone help me with this?

look at what I said and what errorinside said.