[Calamity] Root Priv-Esc Hex values in payload


I don’t know how to use hex values in the file I provide as a payload.

Anybody could give me any hint?

I’m not telling more details to prevent spoils.


can u plz help me? i used php shell for command injecttion whatt to do furthur ?

python -c ‘print “\x01\x02\x03\x04”’ > payload

Just an off the bat FYI, Calamity is one of the hardest machines in the environment. The reason it is not rated as such is because so few people are able to get root on the machine to rate it a second time (1936 User Owns vs 174 Root Owns). If you do not feel at least moderately comfortable with reverse engineering, I might stray away from this machine until you have a little more experience with the subject. All that said, it’s definitely my favorite box so far.

When you say that you do not know how to use the hex values, do you mean that you just don’t know how to create them? The python command above works for that, but I used hexedit when I wrote my files. Could you be more explicit?