Blue Shadow Forensics Challenge

Does anyone can help me? I’m stuck after the twitter part. Now I’m googling for the A******e. Is I’m on the right track or not?

Nice one :slight_smile:

I got it !!!
Thank @charybdis

I want to share this just in case it may help someone…
I got to the last part pretty easily but couldn’t solve it and lost hours just because I was using ubuntu for windows!
When I tried it in my kali machine everything worked flawlessly!

hey there! do i need to sign up for a twitter account for this challenge?

oh wait, that was a different blue shadow. still, nothing’s working properly and i already hate twitter at this point. gonna skip that one

Can someone help me, i think i have some decoding issue’s because UTF-8 gives some errors and useless text

Think i’m going down a rabbit hole here…

worked out what to do with the tweets and after doing some searching i think i have the answer to find the flag but cannot work out how to enter it to get the flag.
Any hints are appreciated

Hi, I’m stuck after the first part. I believe I know what to do but I’m stuck on how to do it. Can anyone give me a hint or pm?


Anyone able to PM me a hint on this one, I think I have sussed the tweets and I have a file which includes A******* F**** and I thought I had the key but tried many combinations to no avail so far…

I have some issues with the binary file… gdb reports it as “not in executable format: File truncated”. Anyway I was able to debug it with other tools, but stuck at the A* F* part and wonder if this is because of the integrity of the binary file…?

bleah, AF is the flag, dunno why wasn’t working at the first attempt

The last step for me was to understand that the name of a******** should be written with a lowercase letter, and not with a capital letter.
If you type Capital letter, you get some flag but it is not accepted by the site.

can someone pm or post the hash of the file to verify integrity, or is it too much spoiler?

Spoiler Removed

Ok. Scraped the tweets, maniplulated to get the info, found the article. now. I’ve tried every combination and i’m stumped. Can anyone PM me a hint? Thanks.

$101.37 :-1:

The best way is…

  1. Copy & Paste Very carefully (from @blue_shad0w_)
  2. Should know the StarWars Ep.(the program wants)

i already have the tweets, and manipulated, but i have no idea what to do next, i tried dissasemble but i was lost on it. can someone help a little bit more

I am also struck here! I have the tweets in text, I know what to do but I don’t know how to do :frowning: is there anyone I can PM for hints?