Bashed webshell problem

Hi total noob here. I am running through the ippsec bashed walkthough and having some issues when using firefox to connect to the machine. When entering all I get is the triangle symbol in the middle of the screen with nothing else (although by using view source I can see the text that is supposed to appear and the github links etc).

When navigating to the dev folder, I can see the two php files, but when I click on either of them I get a blank black shell screen, with a blank command line at the bottom . When I try to enter commands at the bottom nothing changes in the shell (still showing a blank black screen), and the url changes to include what was entered in the command line e.g.


This is probably trivial but I would really appreciate if anyone can help.


Sounds like you may have javascript disabled. If it’s not disabled, can you try giving the machine a reset and see if that helps?

Oh excellent I had completely forgotten I’d switched off javascript a while back - that has fixed it. Thanks for the quick reply!