Backdoor write-up by Khaotic

I would love to hear what you think!!!

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Great write-up! I was not able to get metasploit to work, it would say it was using x86 payload and needed to be x64. I would guess there is a way I could change this but I don’t know how yet. I did get a payload from msfvenom to work but also ran into a strange issue. It would not work if I used my normal port (9001 and I tried 4444) for whatever reason port 6666 worked fine. Regardless of what I ran into your write-up looks great! Thank you for sharing it.

Of course. Glad you enjoyed it. There are a couple reasons a port my not work. Best bet is to try a service port such as 80, 443, 8080, 445, etc. For instance, in a Windows environment, the likelihood of port 445 being blocked outbound is slim to none. Same with ports that webservers normally use.

For Metasploit, you can run the show payloads command to see what payloads are available. 64-bit payloads should be easy to spot.

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Thank you for the response and information, I really appreciate it!

Curious to hear if you tried my recommendations. If so, how’d it work out?